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Animate a bunch of matrices generated in a for loop?



I'm trying to animate a heat map, i.e. use ListAnimate where each expression in the ListAnimate input would be each MatrixPlot[..]. code attempt

The picture i've attached shows my attempt. "timemat" is a 24x41 matrix of raw data (a bunch of letters a through l). "zeros" is a 24x41 matrix of zeros to match this. "HEAT" is a 24x12 matrix of zeroes, and the loops will count the amount of each letter and fill in HEAT through each iteration.

My goal is to make an animation that shows the MatrixPlot at each iteration i. I put comments where I think this should go, but when I try it there is either no output or an error. I've also attached the file.

Thank you in advance!

POSTED BY: James Curley
1 year ago

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