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Make blinking work for all percentages of the screens?


I'm building interactive material for my classes I wish there were flickering, aids, questions, etc. I am using two panels, one for the graphics (left panel ) and the other for the explanations (right panel). I control the graph from the right panel. In this example I present, the blinking does not run with all percentages of the screens. I do not know why. For the example I present there is no blinking in 110% and 115% of the screen. In general, the examples I am developing the flicker fails for different percentages. I.m using 11.1 (the same with 11.0 and 10.x)

Hypothesis: I am not using StringForm correctly. My definitions are not yet appropriate. Thanks in advance.

POSTED BY: Ernesto Espinosa
1 year ago

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