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Use 'Distribute' on large polynomial expression without simplifying?


I am new to Mathematica, so pardon if question is trivial. I am trying to expand (i.e multiply out the factors) an polynomial expression $d$, with many factors, obtained as a result of taking determinant of a matrix $p$ with polynomial entries. When I run the command Distribute[d] it outputs the same input expression. I do not want to run command Expand since Expand, while multiplying the factors, also Simplify the expression in an iterative fashion thus increasing the run time. Is there a way to multiply out these factors in the expression $d$ without absolutely any simplification please? Here is the code:

k = 5;

mask = RandomInteger[1, {15, k}];

poszero = Position[mask, n_ /; n != 0];

posone = Position[mask, n_ /; n == 0];

n = RandomReal[{0, 1}, {15, k}];

n = ReplacePart[n, poszero -> 0];

m = Array[a, {15, k}];

m = ReplacePart[m, posone -> 0];

m = m + n 

p = Dot[Transpose[m], m]

d = Det[p]

Any help would be much appreciated!

POSTED BY: Abraham Varghese
1 year ago

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