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Cryptography: decipher a book written with cipher alphabet?


I live in Brazil, and something quite strange happened in here.

A boy who lives on Acre (A state from Brazil) disappeared out of nowhere, but, the awkward thing is that he left his room full of strange stuff.

He left behind 8 books written in a cryptographed way. All of his wall was written with a very precise handwritting, with sketches and all that kind of stuff. There's even a statue of Giordano Bruno in the middle of his room

I'll link the brazillian news video here -> Brazillian news video And i found one video that shows more about his room -> Look at what this guy did You can search 'brazillian boy missed acre' ond YT and you'll find what this guy did

So my question is... is it possible for us to translate all of this boy work?

I was wondering here, if we take photos in good quality of his books, throw that on Mathematica, do some Threshold[] image function, put what's on the book paper in a form of text, then get the crypto code to substitute the symbols into letters and get to read what the boy encrypted.


(sorry bout the english, not my native language)

Thanks folks

POSTED BY: Augusto D'Arruda
1 year ago

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