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Proposal for WolframGo VS AlphaGo


With the suceess of AlphaGo from Google, Deep Learning and neural networks become very hot in recent years. Today AlphaGo announced, AlphaGo will come to China and the world ranked the world's first Kejie Jiu a showdown in May 23-27. The result is quite predictable. AlphaGo, in a false name of Master, has already win all matchs against first class of Go players from China, Japan and Korea (including Kejie himself), with a big score almost 60:0 in the very beginning of this year.

As Wolfram Research released latest version of 11.1 with enhanced neural networks functions. Unfortunately, I can't download and test a trial version from China, becasue of very bad internet links from US to China. I think, we need some physical milestone or benchmark to prove the new power of Mathematica or WL.

It can be said, in future, no human can win Go or Chess match against machine, becasue of the existing inventions, like AlphaGo from Google or Deepblue from IBM. Suddenly, I have a question in my brain.

But who can beat AlphaGo ?

In future, only Machine VS machine will play live show on TV, which human being are allowed to enjoy and appreciate. Actually, AlphaGo is come from a small company, DeepMind alone, not the entire Google group.

Or maybe, I can image, someday, something like WolframGo VS AlphaGo will show on TV. Whatever is the result, a challenger to world champion is already a winner.

Do we remember, Wofram product was called "The Google Killer" once ?

POSTED BY: Frederick Wu
10 months ago

An interesting subject. But if you allow me, I would like to add a twist to it. I think that direct competition on this type of subjects is probably not the best bet.

What about brainstorming (and working), as a community, on a new showcase (or several...)? I mean, beyond being milestone references, these application examples serve, above all, as publicity stunts (and everything that might help on the success of the WL is for sure very welcomed by this community...).

POSTED BY: Pedro Fonseca
10 months ago

This week AlphaGo VS Kejie, the result comes soon.

enter image description here

POSTED BY: Frederick Wu
8 months ago

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