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Why are SendMail options in the cloud different than in a local environment



I am using the command SendMail with the following options:

"Subject", "Body", "To", "ReplyTo", "From", "FullName", "AttachedFiles" as well as
"Server", "UserName", "Password", "PortNumber", and "EncryptionProtocol".

Through the second line of options I can successfully send email from my own server (at Godaddy) using Mathematica.

However, when I use CloudDeploy to create a simple API to send the exact same email, using the exact same options, the email is not sent from my server but from the Wolfram Cloud, via "".

Is there a way to use an external server instead in a deployed API?


I could isolate the problem to this. In a local environment, SendMail has several options that allow changing the server:

In[1]:= Options[SendMail]

Out[1]= {"AttachedExpressions" -> {}, "AttachedFiles" -> {},  "Bcc" -> {}, "Body" -> None, "Cc" -> {}, 
"EncryptionProtocol" -> None, "From" -> None, "FullName" -> None, "Password" -> Automatic, 
"PortNumber" -> Automatic, "ReplyTo" -> Automatic, "Server" -> None,  "ServerAuthentication" -> Automatic,
"Subject" -> None, "To" -> {}, "UserName" :> $UserName}

But oddly, in the Wolfram Development Platform (Wolfram Cloud) environment, SendMail doesn't have such options:

In[1]:= Options[SendMail]

Out[1]= {AttachedExpressions->{},AttachedFiles->{},Bcc->{},Body->None,Cc->{},Subject->None,To->{}}

Is there any workaround to this?

POSTED BY: Javier Ospina
1 year ago

For obvious spam-prevention reasons, the Wolfram Public Cloud does not allow you to set those options for outgoing email.

POSTED BY: Geoff Ellingwood
1 year ago

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