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Why is Mathematica not printing?


Whenever I try to print my mathematica file, either through print or print preview, the program crashes and I cannot continue. I have a Windows 10 Surface 3 Tablet and am using Mathematica version 11. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling and still the problem persists. This problem also only applies to a few of my more recent files, my older files print just fine. Any tips? Thank you

Update: I've determined it occurs whenever I try to print a 3D plot that the program crashes

POSTED BY: Skylar Manteuffel
10 months ago

I have very similar problem with my Mathematica, when I try to save to pdf file my Mathematica file conatain a 3D plot than the program print only one or two A4 pages and nothing else. I use Windows 10 Pro 1607 version OS.

POSTED BY: Janusz Sioda
9 months ago

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