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Do Visual Studio WSTP examples exist?


Hi all,

I am a long time Mathematica coder, and work in other functional languages. I am a passable user of C++, though this is usually quite pedestrian.

I've taken my second serious run at WSTP development today, and come up short. I wish to interface with an extensive existing C++ project, which is beyond my capacity to retool. My target was, using a modern version of visual studio, to compile one or both of the standard WSTP examples, addto, which calls out from mma, or factor, which calls in. I do not wish to ultimately compile via command line. This is as I want to proceed to integrate WSTP in a contained element of a complex program, which I am not equipped to modify the build targets or link structure of.

I would be very interested in hearing from anyone who has compiled any WSTP program from within visual studio.

I would be ecstatic to find out that a visual studio project exists that can be built out of the box.

Any and all commentary is very welcome,


POSTED BY: David Gathercole
1 year ago

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