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Create a GeoCoordinates converter with FormPage?


Hello, I'm having problems with the return of the result while converting from degree coordinates to decimal ones. I want to know where could be the problem, using Trace doesn't do the trick (Maybe I don't know how to use it propertly).

Here is the code I have been using:

CloudDeploy[FormPage["location" -> "GeoCoordinates", FromDMS[#location] &]]
POSTED BY: Jesus Teran
1 year ago

To see what FormPage is doing you can evaluate it locally. If you do that you'll see that interpreter is already doing what you need

In[102]:= Interpreter["GeoCoordinates"]["12 3', 3"]

Out[102]= GeoPosition[{241/20, 3}]
POSTED BY: Carlo Barbieri
1 year ago

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