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Create a GeoCoordinates converter with FormPage?


Hello, I'm having problems with the return of the result while converting from degree coordinates to decimal ones. I want to know where could be the problem, using Trace doesn't do the trick (Maybe I don't know how to use it propertly).

Here is the code I have been using:

CloudDeploy[FormPage["location" -> "GeoCoordinates", FromDMS[#location] &]]
POSTED BY: Jesus Teran
10 months ago

To see what FormPage is doing you can evaluate it locally. If you do that you'll see that interpreter is already doing what you need

In[102]:= Interpreter["GeoCoordinates"]["12 3', 3"]

Out[102]= GeoPosition[{241/20, 3}]
POSTED BY: Carlo Barbieri
10 months ago

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