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[✓] Make a Wolfram cloud page public for others?


I created a notebook and attempted to deploy it.

It works for me but no one else.

The notebook contains one cell with the following code:

Manipulate[Plot[{n!, 2^n, n^2, n Log[n], n, Log[n], 1},{n,0,10^e},PlotRange->{{0,10^e},{0,10^e}}, AspectRatio->Automatic,PlotLegends->"Expressions", PlotLabel->"10^"<>ToString[e] ], {{e,1}, 0, 10}]

What am I doing wrong?

POSTED BY: Gabriel Jones
1 year ago

Maybe some fluke. Have you tried deleting this copy with


And trying to re-deploy it?

  Plot[{n!, 2^n, n^2, n Log[n], n, Log[n], 1}, {n, 0, 10^e}, 
   PlotRange -> {{0, 10^e}, {0, 10^e}}, AspectRatio -> Automatic, 
   PlotLegends -> "Expressions", 
   PlotLabel -> "10^" <> ToString[e]], {{e, 1}, 0, 10}], 
 Permissions -> "Public"]

Part of it might be that the resulting Manipulate is slow. It is trying to plot on an exponential PlotRange after all.

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
1 year ago

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