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Recover highlight and shadow detail from RAW images?


I am processing RAW images (.nef) from a Nikon camera. If I process these images in Adobe Lightroom I can adjust the highlights and shadows to avoid clipping any data. Histogram looks like this. Histogram Lightroom

In Mathematica, doing an Import with default values the ImageHistogram looks like this: Histrogram Mathematica

Values appear to be clipped at both ends of the histogram. Applying ImageAdjust does not recover the data at the ends. It appears that importing a RAW file clips the data during the import process. The result is much like the defaults in Lightroom before adjusting the highlight and shadow sliders.

How can I import RAW images and get all the data without clipping?

POSTED BY: Jeff Burns
24 days ago

Whenever you post here, post your code! it's part of the rules... thanks you :)

Did you use







POSTED BY: Sander Huisman
23 days ago

If you provide your ".nef" file,you will receive more better solution maybe.And I have a related answer here,hope to help.

POSTED BY: Yode Japhe
23 days ago

Test NEF files are a available at this link.

Using this code it is apparent that the image data is not clipped by Mathematica.

img = Import[“a.NEF”];

ImageHistogram[img, 1000, All, Appearance -> "Transparent", 
   Method -> #, ImageSize -> Large, 
   FrameTicks -> True] & /@ {"IncludeOutOfRange", "ExcludeOutOfRange"}
POSTED BY: Jeff Burns
22 days ago

So, what was the source of the problem? Was is too rough default binning by ImageHistogram (default is 128 bins)?

Apparently imported image contains no out-of range values:

ImageData[img] // MinMax
(* =>  {0., 1.} *)

But a naive attempt to obtain it directly from the "Data" element by applying Rescale to each color channel separately produces a slightly different image:

data = Import["DSC_2106.NEF", "Data"];
img = Import["DSC_2106.NEF"];

subimage = ImageTake[img, {-4500, -3000}, {1300, 2700}];
subimageFromData = 
 Image[Rescale /@ Transpose[N@data[[-4500 ;; -3000, 1300 ;; 2700]], {2, 3, 1}], 
  Interleaving -> False];

ImageData[subimageFromData] - ImageData[subimage] // MinMax

(* => {0., 0.0346075} *)
POSTED BY: Updating Name
21 days ago

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