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Audio processing tutorial won't display properly


Fresh install of MMA 11.1.1 over 11.1.0 on Windows x64, i7, 8 core, 16GB RAM. SSD drive.

Loading tutorial/AudioProcessing produces a sequential set of "Formatting notebook contents" and "Wait for dynamic..." (sp) dialogs. For each one, I select "Continue waiting" (for some dynamic in the nb, I assume), it eventually disappears and returns me to the tutorial notebook. Then when I try to move a little further down the notebook, the same dialog appears. Wash, rinse, repeat. I'm made it about halfway through the notebook, after about, say 20 minutes of waiting. Turning my back on it now.

I recall such behavior from the early days of Dynamic circa v6. Five revs and many minor/point releases later: this shouldn't be happening.


POSTED BY: Vincent Virgilio
1 year ago

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