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Make efficient the computation of an integral with NIntegrate?



I need to compute the integral shown in the attached figure but I keep obtaining the same error "NIntegrate::slwcon : Numerical integration converging too slowly; suspect one of the following: singularity, value of the integration is 0, highly oscillatory integrand, or WorkingPrecision too small.". I have played a lot with the WorkingPrecision, the AccurayGoal, the PrecisionGoal, but I can not obtain the solution of the integral. Please, could someone help me? Any tip/suggestion that I should follow.



POSTED BY: Ana Doblas
2 months ago

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POSTED BY: Moderation Team
2 months ago

perhaps you could 3D plot it, which might show you which of the situations cause slow (or nil) convergence. for example a plain wave with no bias, which might typically be a light wave plot, would continually sum to zero. i'm unsure totally what your calculating: if i guess a lateral approach to a modular transfer function for a rounded lense, then the result would be a simple ratio per test point.

POSTED BY: John Hendrickson
2 months ago

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