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Force the use of the shell method in integration request?


I am trying to help my intern with a Calc II problem relative to revolving solids. I input the request "revolve region between y=x^2 and y=6x+7 about the x axis", which defaults to the use of the Washer method to find the volume (I would have done the same) The problem requires the use of the Shell method and I was wondering if there is a function that can specify the integration method in the request.


POSTED BY: Costantino Pipero
1 year ago

This took me a while. I had forgotten what those names meant.

It really doesn't seem like there's a format for that:

So you'd likely need to spell out the example yourself. If would like to suggest it, please leave feedback on the Wolfram|Alpha webpage.

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
1 year ago

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