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Find the longest word path in dictionary?


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A word path means the last character of the last word is same to the first character of the next word.If I have $55$ words,I can find it with this method.

Build a graph

string = Select[ToLowerCase[RandomSample[DictionaryLookup[]]], 
   3 < StringLength[#] < 5 &];
g = RelationGraph[StringTake[#, -1] == StringTake[#2, 1] &, 
  string[[;; 55]], VertexLabels -> "Name"]

Mathematica graphics

Find a longest word path by Jason's answer here

allPaths = 
  FindPath[g, #2, #1, Infinity, All] & @@@ 
    Subsets[VertexList[g], {2}] // Apply[Join];
First[TakeLargestBy[allPaths, Length@Union@# &, 1]]


Well I have to say this is a very very slow solution.I even cannot find more than $60$ words.Actually I want to find Length[DictionaryLookup[]]=92518 words. It seem I still have a long way to go.Do any suggestion can give?

POSTED BY: Yode Japhe
1 year ago

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