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Set parameters of the methods just like "DBSCAN" and "TSNE" ?


I even don‘t know what parameters the method have . For example, when I use the function

DimensionReduce[data, Method -> "TSNE"]

I don‘t know what parameters that the "TSNE" have. And can I perform the "TSNE" with 'barneshut' algorithm?

POSTED BY: Huadun Wang
11 months ago

The documentation doesn't provide much information about the TSNE implementation.

As the documentation shows, "Perplexity" can be adjusted:

DimensionReduce[iris[[All, 1]], 2, Method -> {"TSNE", "Perplexity" -> 100}];

But that is the only documented parameter in the latest version.

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
10 months ago

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