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Import a file whose format is .edf?


Hi, i need to analysis SAXS data through Mathematica, and my file format is .edf and i found that Mathematica support this format, but whenever i try to import this it shows this,

In[1]:= Import["/Users/ronysaha/Documents/SAXS Data from \Merik/C2_45C_60s_2m.edf"]

During evaluation of In[1]:= Import::infer: Cannot infer format of file C245C60s_2m.edf.

Out[1]= $Failed 

Please help me to resolve the problem, and suggest me what can i do?

POSTED BY: Rony Saha
11 months ago

"ESRF data file (EDF) used as a container to store text and binary data; contains header information and associated binary data; used in a few scientific research applications to store collections of images."

Mathematica has several 3D formats which have various ability as to Import and Export. EDF is supported

Look for the Help button on any notebook, click it, in the search box type "EDF", and click go. It will give you instructions and examples. The following command is also useful:

In[1]: $ImportFormats

I've never worked with HDF "a format that stores series or collections of images". You may need to open the app that created the .edf and save as an alternate format (lower version of edf, or as HDF), if Mathematica cannot read the .edf.

POSTED BY: John Hendrickson
11 months ago

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