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Write an apostrophe WolframCloud Android App?


I am afraid to ask since I am sure I am missing something, but is there a way to enter an apostrophe in a WolframCloud worksheet on Android, in order to indicate a derivative, i.e., "f'[x]"? There are two keys for the comma but seemingly none for the apostrophe.


POSTED BY: Ted Reinders
11 months ago

I was excited to install this on my android portable device. I did. Then I got disappointed. The inbuilt keyboard with the app does not allow single quotes, thereby annihilating Mathematica's effectiveness in solving differential equations since you cannot type derivatives easily anymore. This needs a fix. I love all things mathematica and wanted to like this as well. Too bad. TIP: If you wish to solve a differential equation, such as x''[t]+x[t]=0 with conditions, x[0]==0 and x'[0]==0.1, ensure that you use Derivative[1]x[0]==0.1 for the second boundary condition. viz, DSolve[{D[x[t], t, t] + x[t] == 0, x[0] == 0, Got the app from appvn store.

POSTED BY: milline james
9 months ago

I encountered the same problem, which honestly it's unbelievable. Like seriously, how does create software this perfectly unusable?

POSTED BY: Veronica Straszheim
25 days ago

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