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[WSC17] Meteorite Landing Projections


This project finds the number of people per meteor sighting within a major metropolitan area. I brought in and analyzed a data set from the Wolfram Data Repository and a GeoTIFF from Columbia University to create a representation of how population density of a particular area, affects the number of meteors found in that same vicinity. The image displayed on the microsite is a combination of the two data sets that I analyzed within this project.

The Process: - I had to import information from Data repository and the the Columbia Database. The Population data took a bit of time to acquire and analyze because the file was imported as a ZipFile containing several, rather unreadable, files. - I created a visual GeoGraphic to see how the two sets of data appeared in relation to each other and the world. - From here, I had to find a way to quantify the data. I set up a GeoHistogram and divided up the world into hexagonal "bins" that returned the number of meteorite sightings that occurred within that geographical bin. - Using the GeoHistogram and the data sets, I found the coefficient of people to meteorite sightings, found in the Function "meteoritesPerPerson" - The last step was to create a microsite that, when given a city, returned the number of people per meteorite sighting for that respective geographical area.

All of my code and relevant screenshots are located in the attached notebook.

POSTED BY: Chirasmita Kompella
1 year ago

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