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Avoid to blow out the pixels after magnifying a picture?


I am trying to diminish the blow out of the picture after it is amplified, it becomes like little squared pixels and i am trying to resolve the amplifying capability, before i could only amplify by using the last amplification to 5 % so it did not show any blown squared pixels, with the gather by command it seems like it can be amplified using the magnify by 25 % without blowing the picture,the magnifying works well but it does not show the picture in its total amplification, just after using the the magnification automatic size window is that you can see the amplificiation but it used to get too blown out with too much squared pixels. The gather by seems to be incoorported at each amplification so that pixels are going back to the original position everytime it is amplified. Anyone has any other way not to blow out the pixels after magnifying

    f=HistogramTransform[a1,r] [AppendTo[Begin,20]]

little bird amplifiedoriginal picture

26 days ago

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