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[Conference] "Maths 4 Everyday Life" powered by the Wolfram Language


We will be organising a Wolfram Language Event in Aberdeen from 14th-19th August this year in close collaboration with Wolfram Europe. It is going to be en exciting event as we try to cover a huge range of applications of the Wolfram Language. We reach out to people from all walks of life: we ask pupils, teachers, academic and industrial researchers, people from various administrative areas and the city council, and laypersons to attend. We want to show how broadly applicable the Wolfram Language is and how relevant computational thinking is for all of us. We will cover typical areas where computational thinking is key, but also look at applications to arts, music and literature.

There will be two streams of events all week. One will be for absolute beginners, with no experience in programming or maths. The second one will be for users with either a maths/science or programming background. Experienced programmers both from Wolfram Europe and the University of Aberdeen will guide you though the week's program.

There will roughly be three parts to the event: the first two days (Monday/Tuesday) will introduce attendees to the Wolfram Language. The next two days (Wednesday, Thursday) will feature interesting applications of the Wolfram Language; we will cover statistics, image and sound analysis, connected devices and much more. Conrad Wolfram will speak via video link. The final two days will be project oriented. Small groups of attendees will work on projects of their choice - with the support of experience programmers and scientists.

Please check out the following link

for more information.

We look forward to seeing you at Aberdeen,


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POSTED BY: Marco Thiel
1 month ago

Hello Marco:

Will any of the proceedings be livestreamed or recorded?


POSTED BY: Aeyoss Antelope
27 days ago


we had no plans to record sessions; it is supposed to be very hands on. There are certainlysessions that could be interesting for a wider audience. I'll see what we can do about recording some presentations.

Best wishes,


POSTED BY: Marco Thiel
26 days ago

Hi Marco,

I'm also very interested on live streamed or recorded sessions, even if just from a few sessions. I went through "all" possible trip options (W|A: 2118.59 km), but was unable to conceive a week program below my personal allowance... (curiosity: getting to Aberdeen favouring the train is clearly the most expensive! strange times...).

If I'm not mistaken, at the EWTC, WR used the "services" of to record the screens (not for live streaming). I just looked at the different options, and it looks like it is possible to do so with the free plan (within certain limits), but most likely there are many other options similar to this one available (more or less intrusive, etc.)

Thank you in advance, Pedro

POSTED BY: Pedro Fonseca
24 days ago

Juts for the reference, the setup we used at some events:

  • ZOOM software allows video recording of screen and audio of mic input.

  • One hosting computer was always connected to projector and always running a ZOOM meeting. This makes recordings uniform, avoids connecting / disconnecting presenter laptops, gives stable connection to projector, saves all videos form different presentations on one hosting computer.

  • Presenter would connect remotely over the internet to hosting computer by joining ZOOM meeting (even though he could be standing at the same table with his/her laptop )

  • Presenter shares screen and hosting computer sends it to projector

  • Good Mic should be connected to hosting computer, desirably clip-to-shirt type for stable distance to presenter and same level of audio

  • Meeting is recorded on hosting computer

This is just one version of such setup, but it gave us good recordings.

POSTED BY: Vitaliy Kaurov
24 days ago

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