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[✓] Plot the values of a column-matrix against each of its rows?


Dear friends, I ask your help, please. After some calculations, I got the matrix z and its inverse. After the multiplication of the inverse of z by the column matrix [1, 1, 1,1...1], I would like to plot the resulting S values against its row ( k, from 1 to 20). How can I do this , please ?? The command I have tried simply does not work. Scabral

S = (Inverse[z]).{{1.0}, {1.0}, {1.0}, {1.0}, {1.0}, {1.0}, {1.0}, {1.0}, \
{1.0}, {1.0}, {1.0}, {1.0}, {1.0}, {1.0}, {1.0}, {1.0}, {1.0}, {1.0}, \
{1.0}, {1.0}};
For [k = 1, k < 21, k++, Plot[k, Abs[S[[k]]]]]  (IT DOES NOT WORK!!)
POSTED BY: Sergio Cabral
14 days ago

Without knowing anything about an example Inverse[z] it may be difficult to answer your question correctly.

Does this work?

ListPlot[Table[Flatten[{k, Abs[S[[k]]]}], {k, 1, 20}]]

If that isn't what you are looking for then if you provide some information about what Inverse[z] contains then might help.

A description of what you would like the plot to look like might also help.

POSTED BY: Bill Simpson
14 days ago

Wow ! So fine,dear Bill ! Exactly this is what I was waitinga for ! Great ! Thank you so much!

POSTED BY: Sergio Cabral
13 days ago

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