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[✓]Avoid warning message when using Grapics3D command with embedded Insert?



When using the Graphics3D command with an embedded Insert option, I receive the following warning message.

"Coordinate {0, 0.2, 0} should be a pair of numbers, or a Scaled or Offset form."

The graphics command gives the desired output, but I don't like the warning message and would like to know what I am doing incorrectly - see attached.

Thanks so much,

Mitch Sandlin

POSTED BY: Mitchell Sandlin
8 days ago

Your expression (the coordinates) that you want inset is effectively a 2D graphic. Thus, the 'opos' input (3rd argument to inset) should be a 2D point. The 'pos' is a 3D point. So one possible change to you code is this:

Graphics3D[{{PointSize[Large],Point[list]},Inset[#,#+{0,0.2,0},Most[#]]&/@list},Axes -> True,AxesLabel-> {"x","y","z"}]

But it probably makes more sense to not even specify the 'opos'.

Graphics3D[{{PointSize[Large],Point[list]},Inset[list[[2]],list[[2]]+{0,0.2,0}] },Axes -> True,AxesLabel-> {"x","y","z"}]
POSTED BY: Chad Knutson
8 days ago

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