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Earn $ creating a Mathematica notebook


i am writing a paper "Simple Random Walk Models of Entanglement Effects on the Elasticity and Viscoelasticity of Polymer Networks." which i will be presenting at the Polymer Networks meeting in Prague.

of course, i'm writing it in a Mathematica notebook but it will have a bunch of equations and my physical disability makes it difficult for me to enter them (also, i am not very familiar with the use of the mathematical templates in WL / Mathematica).

i have PDFs of my published articles from which i am creating this 'tutorial' article . these PDFs have all the equations i will be using in the article.

what i need is someone to enter each equation into its own cell in a Mathematica notebook.

i can then take that notebook and can create a notebook containing both the text which i will be composing and the equations which i will 'copy and paste' from the 'notebook of equations'.

i can email the PDFs to the person who, after creating the notebook of equations, can email it to me.

so this is is a simple straightforward job that will earn some income for someone (the pricing is negotiable, based on the time involved, the difficulty of the work, etc.) .

POSTED BY: Richard Gaylord
7 days ago

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