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Read sensor data of I2C BMP180 directly from MMA?


Excuse me please, are there any example codes available for I2C devices like BMP180, reading the sensor data directly from Mathematica?

Thank you, Libor

POSTED BY: Libor Caha
10 months ago

Hi Libor,

While I don't have any explicit examples for the BMP180 device, you can see the documentation for how to use the built-in I2C driver in Mathematica here :

Specifically, you can read/write with:


Where bytes is a list of integers 0-255, and numBytes is the number of bytes to read from the bus.

Adafruit has an example library that you can look at for reference of what bytes to read/write, etc. The library source code is here :


POSTED BY: Ian Johnson
10 months ago

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