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Use the OpenCVLink?


The OpenCV provide many powerfull function for image-processing. It can help us a lot.

As the Szabolcs here,Mathematica provide such directory,maybe contain a ready-made link in

FileNameJoin[{$TopDirectory, "SystemFiles", "Links", "OpenCVLink"}]

And I can use some function with one argument,such as OpenCVLinkPrivate$Dilation

<< OpenCVLink`
img = ExampleData[{"TestImage", "Lena"}];
OpenCVLink`Private`$Dilation[img, 2]

But I don't know how to use other function such as OpenCVLink`Private`$HoughCircles or stitcher.stitch in opencv_stitching310.dll.And I don't think this is a right way to call it since it include a Private`.And as these should include a complete 3.10 version(I have to say the latest version is 3.3 now). Can anyone can tell me how to use it?

POSTED BY: Yode Japhe
10 months ago

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