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Find numerically the extremum of a function (using particle swarm method)


Good day. I have wrote in Mathematica the function for numerical finding the extremum of a function. I have used the particle swarm method. I have used it on the test functions - everything works as it should. I went further - I have modernized the method (I can not yet say how - but it was not exactly like that - I already have researched a lot of literature on PSO) and got an improvement in finding the global minimum of the function. One can still improve the modernized method and get even better results. Question: Are there people in Wolfram who are interested in using these developments? If so, how to contact them and in what form I should demonstrate my developments?

POSTED BY: Yuriy Romasevich
15 days ago

Could you post here code and description of your work? See:

POSTED BY: Kapio Letto
12 days ago

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