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[✓] Calculate area of a maple leaf image?



I want to calculate the area of the maple leaf in cm^2.

enter image description here

I have tried this

img = Binarize@
(m = MorphologicalComponents[img]) // Colorize

linecount = 
  2 /. (Binarize@
png"] // ColorNegate // Thinning // 
     ComponentMeasurements[#, "PerimeterCount"] &);
areacount = 
  2 /. ComponentMeasurements[MorphologicalComponents[img], "Count"];
areacount/linecount^2 // N

but I'm not sure which region is calculated and the unit given.

Can somebody help me? Thank you.

POSTED BY: Nurul Ainina
9 months ago

The way your image is displayed is misleading. It has an alpha channel. This is why the results from Binarize are weird.

Check this:

im = Import[""]

From the output it is clear that the alpha channel is already a good mask of the leaf.

To compute the area, use

comp = Binarize@AlphaChannel[im]

ComponentMeasurements[comp, "Area"]
(* {1 -> 82093.4} *)

As we're working with an image, the units are pixels.

To get the result in $\mathrm{cm}^2$, we would need to know the dimensions of the image or the leaf in centimetres. If you have the actual leaf, you could measure it with a ruler, then use that information to calculate the pixel/cm ratio.

POSTED BY: Szabolcs Horvát
9 months ago

Thank you for your great help! :)

POSTED BY: Nurul Ainina
9 months ago

very useful. if you can plot an area, then you can obtain the area without complex integral - assuming you do not need a perfect accuracy, which in the real world is (often)

POSTED BY: John Hendrickson
9 months ago

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