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[✓] Avoid importing existing data as missing data?


Hello, Community

I have imported data from a csv file using the following code:

data = SemanticImport[ "C:\\Users\\Thadeu\\Documents\\Kaggle\\train.csv"]

When I investigate the imported data, I see missing values on the DataSet (house$size for example) enter image description here

that are not missing from the original data (notice house$size and nbaths as well) enter image description here

What's going on? Is it possible to fix it?

Thanks, Thad

5 months ago

It probably has decided that that is an integer column based on the first or first few lines, and it won't import a floating point number like 1.5 as it doesn't fit that column's data type. Try specifying column types manually.

POSTED BY: Szabolcs Horvát
5 months ago

Thanks, Szabolcs

I specified column types manually and it worked fine.



5 months ago

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