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[✓] Avoid importing existing data as missing data?


Hello, Community

I have imported data from a csv file using the following code:

data = SemanticImport[ "C:\\Users\\Thadeu\\Documents\\Kaggle\\train.csv"]

When I investigate the imported data, I see missing values on the DataSet (house$size for example) enter image description here

that are not missing from the original data (notice house$size and nbaths as well) enter image description here

What's going on? Is it possible to fix it?

Thanks, Thad

10 months ago

It probably has decided that that is an integer column based on the first or first few lines, and it won't import a floating point number like 1.5 as it doesn't fit that column's data type. Try specifying column types manually.

POSTED BY: Szabolcs Horvát
9 months ago

Thanks, Szabolcs

I specified column types manually and it worked fine.



9 months ago

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