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Create this protein network analysis?


Hello everyone, i am working with protein networks, and i would like to use mathematica to do the analysis. But there are some kind of thing that i do not how to do, i hope you guys can help me.

My first doubt is about to construct a network . I am trying to connect the first element of the first with the first element of the second list, the second of the first list with the second of the second list and so on. In order to work with long list. But with this command all nodes

RelationGraph[Unequal, {"BTBD3", "NR3C1", "CDH13"}, {"BTBD1", "BTBD6",

The second issue is that i am working with graphml files from cytoscape, but when i try to do thing like put the name of the edges mathematica do not let me do it

I was unable to add the GraphMl file


POSTED BY: Oscar Rodriguez
2 months ago

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