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Extract Images from particular page of PDF



I am trying to extract the images stored on a particular page of a pdf. I can open the page using the following code:

Import["c:\\ABCDE.pdf", {"Pages", 4}]

How would I go about importing all the images only on this page? The below line extracts all the images from all pages:

Import["c:\\ABCDE.pdf", "Images"]

As I am working with a large file, I need to exatract the images on a page by page basis.

I hope someone can help!

Thanks and Regards, Priyan.

POSTED BY: Priyan Fernando
10 months ago

When you import a multipage pdf it becomes a list { } of Graphics, one for each page. I don't know how to extract the images programmatically. I have done it by manually selecting the elements that I needed.

POSTED BY: Gianluca Gorni
10 months ago

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