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Find the combinations of 10 inputs that result in a Boolean Logic (0 or 1)?


I have a complex Boolean logic with, say, 10 inputs and one output. Is there any mathematical method or an algorithm to identify all the possible combinations of the inputs that can result in a specific output (0 or 1)? Note that the logic is known. But we don't want to 'try' or simulate all possible combinations of input and check which ones result in the specific output. We would like to solve the problem backward: know the desired output, know the logic, find out the input combinations that can result in that output.

POSTED BY: Hamid Jahanian
9 months ago

A simple example with input and desired output would be quite helpful. Taking a guess, maybe something like this is what is wanted.

In[1483]:= SatisfiabilityInstances[a && b == True, {a, b}]

(* Out[1483]= {{True, True}} *)
POSTED BY: Daniel Lichtblau
9 months ago

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