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Using Automatic for FaceGrids with Plot3D not working as for Plot?

Posted 1 year ago
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I am sure there is a good reason why I don´t seem to be able to do:

Plot3D[Evaluate[Abs[zin2/.{f->f0}]], {ca, c1/2, 2*c1}, {cb, c2/2, 2*c2},
    {{{0,0,1}, {{c1},{c2}}},
     {{1,0,0}, {{c2},Automatic}},
     {{0,-1,0}, {{c1},{All}}}

but this will plot with a specific vertical grid and automatic horizontal grid lines with no problems:

Plot[Evaluate[Abs[zin2/.{{cb->c2, f->f0}}]], {ca, 0.5 c1, 2 c1}, GridLines->{{c1},Automatic}]

The documentation for FaceGrids specifically states that ¨For each face, specifications {xgridi,ygridi} can be given to determine the arrangement of grid lines. These specifications have the form described in the notes for GridLines.¨

GridLines states that ¨For each direction, the following grid line options can be given:¨ and it proceeds to list 5 options including the Automatic option.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Jorge

It may be a bug. Simpler examples:

Graphics3D[{Cuboid[]}, FaceGrids -> {{{1, 0, 0}, Automatic}}]
Graphics3D[{Cuboid[]}, FaceGrids -> {{{1, 0, 0}, None}}]
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