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[✓] Use some kind of merge data function ? edit: I meant Association merge

Posted 11 months ago
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Hello, there is not category for "stupid questions" so I try "Wolfram language" as pure beginner - so sorry for that :

I have for example two Excel files with data, first with columns A1,B second with A2,B. I am looking for specific function which can merge data from these two xlsx files after import, based on some "common identifier"... lets say, identifier is in column B: - it will show some missing rows in first or sedcond data source, if there will not be common identifier in both of files . - function will select some specific column from each data source as "common identifier"

Could anyone give me some hint as to which function is able to do this simple data comparison?

In Python (pandas) it is used pandas.merge(prop, contribs, on="calaccesscommitteeid")

Thanks for your time and possible help.

2 Replies

Thank You much Sander,

I knew about the merge function, but i was not able to make it work - due to write propper syntax of it. In one excel i must select n-th row for specific identifiers in second excel m-th column (which has different structure of data in it).

maybe now I am more sure it could be the right function. Or maybe the other mentioned functions : I will evaluate and test them .

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