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How to not open new Documentation Windows when selecting from Home page?

Posted 11 months ago
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When I open the Wolfram Documentation Center, a new window opens to the Home page. If I select an item from the top category drop down (eg, Core Language & Structure -> Lists), a 2nd Documentation window will open to the Lists documentation page. Is it possible to disable opening the 2nd window and simply open the List page in the original documentation window? I've searched the Preferences for such a setting, but can't find anything. Sometimes I like to start and browse documentation only from the Home page without having a specific function name in mind. One advantage of that is that I can maintain all of my browsing history in that single window. That does not appear to be possible when multiple windows are used.

I'm running Win 10 Home, MMA v 11.

5 Replies

You can do that in a web browser.

Documentation Center

Posted 11 months ago

I was aware of that. Most of the time, I like the ability to look at the documentation from within a notebook. That allows me to evaluate directly from the doc notebook without copy/paste.

Hi David,

Sorry for that.

The interesting thing is that 30 min ago I was in my daughter's computer and the Documentation Center (in Mathematica) was responding exactly as you described. Now I am in my own computer and the oppening of the 2nd window is not occuring!

Both computers are Dell XPS, but mine is a brand new 8920. My daughter's pc is an old one, bought in 2010. Both use Mathematica 11.2.

Posted 11 months ago

Oh, not a problem.

That is interesting about the different behavior on different computers. I'll add that this only started happening to me after 11 was released (I think). I think I'm going to have to give WRI support a call on this one.


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