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Train this dataset using Predict and perform a visualization of the data?


Hellow everyone, i am beginning with machine learning. I am trying to use the function Predict to analyze some data. But i can't reproduce what i see in the examples of mathematica. This is what I did

datos = Import[
   "/Users/oscar/Desktop/Mathematica/training/machine learning/base de datos pareamiento - Sheet8.csv"];

tipos = Rest[datos[[1 ;;, 1]]];

cpg1 = Rest[datos[[1 ;;, 2]]];

cpg2 = Rest[datos[[1 ;;, 3]]];

cpg3 = Rest[datos[[1 ;;, 4]]];

Then i used the predict

p = Predict[tipos -> cpg1]
p["Control"] 0.489491

But i not sure if I can create some useful data analysis whit this. Can someone guide me in which direction should I follow now, how can i use this to create statistical analysis and visualization of my data?


ps: I use Mathematica 11

POSTED BY: Oscar Rodriguez
8 months ago

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