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Get the proper Magnetic Flux Density of a rectangular bar magnet?

Posted 11 months ago
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I query the PropertyAssociation of the rectangular bar magnet this way: See image

The magnetic flux density already looks bad. I think the \[RuleDelayed] for the M vector needs a closing curly brace "}". Addition to that, when I Activate it, it activates only the Subscript["M",0] QuantityVariable, but does nothing for the for the \[RuleDelayed] to calculate the H vector. Also a //. is needed before the xm, ... etc variables instead of the "," and those variables should be in curly braces.

mfd = Entity["PhysicalSystem", "RectangularBarMagnet"]["MagneticFluxDensity"]

Get the magnetic flux density

After activation and a substitution: Activating and substituting

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