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Correction to Documentation for Cepstrogram & Cepstrogram


Just as an FYI, the default partition size for these two routines is


rather than


as stated in the docs. The default step size is any number between Round[partition/3] and the length of the list.

Cheers, Scott

POSTED BY: Scott Guthery
8 months ago

Thanks Scott for reporting. They are all fixed internally and will show up in the next documentation update.

POSTED BY: Shadi Ashnai
7 months ago

What's your secret, Scott? When I corrected 14 lines of false documentation, Wolfram reprimanded me and edited my post, falsely making it appear I'd asked about some mere "typo":

No Wolfram rep ever acknowledged the falseness of the 14 lines of documentation I cited; instead I got called "extreme" for calling the falsity a "documentation-bug", and I got run-around by Wolfram, who asked me to re-submit the report through other channels (no, thanks, I won't do that). In light of Wolfram's attitude, I no longer donate my unpaid time submitting reports to assist Wolfram employees improve their product.

POSTED BY: Joe Donaldson
7 months ago

There is really not much of a secret here. Following basic (n)etiquette, giving a clear statement of the problem, refraining from casting aspersions on other posters and/or various parts of the company, not hijacking another thread on Community, avoiding explicit expectation of an "official" company reply in a forum where responses from employees are strictly voluntary, that sort of thing. These are regarded as minimal requirements on Wolfram Community and, we rather expect, most other professional on-line communities.

POSTED BY: Moderation Team
7 months ago

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