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Show a world ReliefMap with Geographics (but only on the land)?

Posted 11 months ago
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I'm wanting to create a map of the world's terrain (i.e. using GeoStyling["ReliefMap"] ), but one that only shows the relief on the land, and not in the oceans (i.e. excluding submarine ridges, etc). Is there a way to restrict Geographics to show only land relief, and display the seas and oceans as e.g. a neutral grey? Ideally, the coastlines would be outlined with a black line, but not also showing national borders (which Polygon[Entity["Country", "World"]], EdgeForm[Black] seems to force).

Can anyone help with this please? Apologies if this is answered elsewhere - I can't find anything similar with searches.

Cheers, Lewis

You can play around with GeoStyling and GeoBackground:

GeoGraphics[{GeoStyling[None], EdgeForm[Black], Brown, 
  Polygon[Entity["GeographicRegion", "Europe"]], {GeoStyling[
    "ReliefMap"], Polygon[Entity["Country", "Italy"]]}}, 
 GeoBackground -> Blend[{White, Blue}, .2]]
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