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Vary Interpolation or add specific number to eliminate unwanted points?

Posted 11 months ago
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Hello, Is there any way to vary interpolation or adding specific number to eliminate unwanted points. For example, in my case the arrows in the opposite direction. In other words, what I should add in this: Interpolation[data]

In[5]:= data = MapThread[{{#1, #2}, #3} &, {z, x, ffun}]

Out[5]= Out[5]

In[6]:= q = Interpolation[data]

Out[6]= InterpolatingFunction[{{0.336, 0.352}, {0.439, 0.455}}, <>]

In[7]:= gradient[a_, b_, i_] :=  
 Evaluate[Grad[q[a[[i]], b[[i]]], {a[[i]], b[[i]]}]]

In[8]:= gr = 
 Reap[Do[Sow[{z[[i]], x[[i]], gradient[z, x, i]}], {i, 
     Length[z]}]][[-1, 1]]

Out[8]= Out[8]

In[9]:= vunorm = Im[gr[[;; , 3]]];

In[10]:= vn = Normalize /@ vunorm;

vnn = Table[{z[[i]], x[[i]], vn[[i]]}, {i, 1, Length[vn]}]

Out[11]= Out[11]

In[12]:= list = Partition[Flatten[vnn], 4];

In[13]:= vl = 
 ListVectorPlot[list, VectorScale -> Small, VectorPoints -> {25, 25}]

For more details, please see the attachment. Many thanks in advance!

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