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Can the capabilities of ImageFeatureTrack be extended?

Posted 11 months ago
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As an avid user of Mathematica I am curious to know what new image processing features to expect in the upcoming releases especially for dealing with fluorescence microscopy?

As a biophysicist I feel that there is a pressing need to have better tracking algorithms to track objects in 4D image stacks. Biologists and biophysicists relying on fluorescence microscopy often need to track cells and answer various question such as the cell lineage (i.e. if a cell divides then keep track of parent and daughters perhaps using an Association). Many people in academia try to come up with their own schemes for such purposes to track cells/nuclei but it is hard to know how robust all those approaches are.

Therefore, it would be amazing if the ImageFeatureTrack can be made better to track objects that temporally vanish and then appear between a specified number of frames. Moreover, an another wonderful addition can be to extend the ImageFeatureTrack capability to track objects in a 4-D image stacks i.e. a list of Image3D stacks. Any plans to work along these lines?

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