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Subdomains in Wolfram Cloud


As a properly-programmable web host, the cloud has a lot of potential. I use it for data hosting and site building, even putting my primary website there:

I'm fine with this setup as I am not trying to be super professional with my site. It is a really ugly URL though.

I asked about mitigating some of the ugliness here, but it'd be really nice to put in some subdomain control.

The impetus for this thought process is the GitHub Sites workflow, which allows me to make a domain that looks like this:

And with which I can use my site-builder to make a site for a repo like so:

This, of course, is just a redirect to the content stored at

Could something analogous be set up for the cloud?

I.e. instead of having to use a redirect could be configured to enable https://b3m2a1.wolframcloud.users/ or something along those lines.

The subdomain obviously can't be as there is already, hence my proposal of https://b3m2a1.wolframcloud.users/ and why GitHub uses, but really anything that doesn't clash and displays the user name first.

I imagine it'd be best to do this via some form of opt-in in the web interface or via some top-level function like:

SetOptions[$CloudAccount, "UsersSubdomain" -> True] 



would be some symbolic representation of the cloud account attached to


By making it opt-in, only the users who actually would take advantage of it end up having it configured.

The nice part about this is that it's an easy way to show that this is a specific subset of Wolfram Cloud content, which, of course, is what subdomains are all about.

I would much rather send someone to https://b3m2a1.wolframcloud.users/home/main.html than

POSTED BY: b3m2a1 ​ 
1 month ago

This is an interesting idea, thank you. I forwarded it to relevant teams.

POSTED BY: Vitaliy Kaurov
22 days ago

Thanks, Vitaliy

POSTED BY: b3m2a1 ​ 
21 days ago

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