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Implications of changes in scheduled tasks introduced in 11.2


Most of my Mathematica projects require operability on both Windows and Raspberry Pi platforms. The redesigned ScheduledTasks[] framework introduced in 11.2 is not yet available on the Raspberry Pi. I used ScheduledTasks to automate some processes (reading sensors connected to the RPi, for example) and would like to get some thoughts on:

  1. When might we expect 11.2 to roll out to the RPi?

  2. How long (version-wise) might I have until deprecated functions (CreateScheduledTask, RunScheduledTask, StartScheduledTask) no longer function?

It may sound like I'm asking folks to predict the future; what I'm trying to get at is how I handle project development while I wait for the RPi version to catch up to the current version of Mathematica.

7 months ago

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