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[✓] Overcome Compiler Errors in a trial version of SystemModeler 5.5?

Posted 10 months ago
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I encountered the following error attempting to set up a trial package of SystemModeler5.5. The version of which is illustrated by the picture below: System Modeler Version

The compiler I felt was best to use was Microsoft Visual Studio 2017. I downloaded it installed on my machine. It attempted to get SystemModeler to work with it I received the following error: SysModeler Compiler Error

I used the above set up in SystemModeler5.5. I tried installing the compiler multiple times. I have attempted to use Visual C++ Build Tools 2017; Visual C++ Build Tools 2015 and Visual C++, and Visual C++ Build Tools 2013. Thank You in advance for any assistance you can render ! Brian Buchholz

Hi, would you be able to confirm which components you installed when you installed the Build Tools 2017?

If you could go to and download Visual C++ Build Tools 2017. Then, next to lunch you should see an option to select "Modify"

Build tools installer

Then, you will be able to see which components are installed on the right hand side. Please compare those to the components marked in the screenshot under Summary:

enter image description here

If you are missing one or more of the components, you could try and add it by checking the checkbox and selecting modify.

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