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How can I write plain/formatted text in Greek without loosing the format?


My name is Damianos and I am from Greece. I would like to use Wolfram Mathematica for school purposes but I face the following problem.  
My projects are in greek language (greek alphabet) so when I would like to type greek words as plain or formatted text (b.c. titles, headings, paragraphs...) the greek letters do not match with the fonts , except the accented letters of the greek alphabet (ά, έ, ή, ί, ό, ύ, ώ), resulting in a very bad formatted text.

What can I do to in order to fix this problem and continue to use Mathematica for my homework? 

screenshot showing the problem:

Thank you.
5 years ago
Hi Damianos,

I just tried to reproduce your problem, using Mathematica 8.0.4 or 9.0.1 on a Mac, but all Greek letters I type (after changing the system language setting to Greek) are consistent with the Latin ones, in size, face, etc.

Could you indicate which operating system and Mathematica version you are using, which cell type specifically you are in (e.g. Text cell), how you entering the letters (keyboard?), whether you have changed the font in any way (bold?), ...?

This might help figuring out whether it happens to all Greek users, or whether something unusual is happening on your machine.
POSTED BY: Peter Fleck
5 years ago
Thank you very much for your reply.

I am using Mathematica 9.0.1 on a Mac running OS X 10.8.3. The problem persists whether I am using Greek or English as system language (i use english). I am typing Greek using Apple's wireless keyboard with greek lay-out. I have noticed the problem in every cell style I've tried (text, title, subtitle...) with any font. Only the accented vowels of the greek alphabet (ά, έ, ή, ί, ό, ύ, ώ) are shown as it should be, so I have the impression that Mathematica might considers the rest letters (non-accented vowels and consonants) as greek letters used in mathematical expressions ( like π -pi-  , ω -omega- , φ -fi- , θ -theta- etc.) .
5 years ago
Damiane, I had the same exact problem. Here is a workaround I found.

Best regards,
POSTED BY: Stathis Kamperis
5 years ago

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