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Create a Manipulate with a long list of ODE?


I want to manipulate a list of 644 elements


where i comes from iteration, d is a constant, and values x,y,z are are values after differential equation was solved and were appended to a list called ListTEST. I can plot the results

Manipulate[ListPlot[cc, PlotStyle -> PointSize[Medium], PlotRange -> {{x1,y1}, {x2, y2}}], {x1, 0, 10}, {y1, 0, 1000}, {x2, 0, 10}, {y2, 0, 1000}]

but I would like to know if there is a way to manipulate results and kind of track the position of each point in order starting from i=1 to i=644 ? Or for each value of i the plot shows position of points one by one correspondingly. I looked for similar questions but the answers didn't really help for what I want. Thank you,

In my .nb cc=Part only shows 13 element out of 644 points in the list, and I can see with manipulate points but I want for each i plot have one new point for all 644 points or at least 14 elements

3 months ago

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