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Obtain a Plot3D in webMathematica?


Hello friends

Can any body give me an example to represent a graphics 3D (using Plot3D) in webMathematica?

I copied the file Plot3D included in webMathemaica documentantion ( ) , It worked some time ago (years) but now it does´t work

I realize at includes an example of Plot3D but a package called Cluster whose code is not shown is requiered .


POSTED BY: Guillermo Sanchez
11 days ago

The function included in for Live 3D Plotting is

MSPLive3D[Plot3D[fun, {x, x0, x1}, {y, y0, y1}, PlotPoints ->pts]] 

I realize that using MSPShow instead of MSPLive3D the example works but the graphics can not be moved. I suppose that MSPLive3D requires some add in the browser (Flash?) and this add is not allow in the new version of the browsers.

Can someone confirm it?

POSTED BY: Guillermo Sanchez
10 days ago

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