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Avoid "Get::noopen : Cannot open CloudObjectLoader`. " message?



I was working with a notebook using Mathematica 11.0.1 earlier in the day. Then later on I moved the notebook to my other machine with Mathematica 11.2 and as I executed the first Parallelize command I received this:

Get::noopen :  Cannot open CloudObjectLoader`.

The Parallelize command was this:

In[25]:= Clear[x, y, z];
impoints = Parallelize[Table[
     Flatten[Table[{x, y, zz[[i, 2]]}, {x,
         mHi3ret[[3, i, 1, 1, 1]], mHi3ret[[3, i, 1, 2, 1]] , 
        dd*cosalpha[[i]]}, {y, -0.0075, 0.0075, dd}], 1], {i, 1, 
      Length[mHi3ret[[3]] ]}] ]; // AbsoluteTiming

(kernel 1) Get::noopen :  "Cannot open "CloudObjectLoader`"."

(kernel 2) Get::noopen :  "Cannot open "CloudObjectLoader`"."

(kernel 3) Get::noopen :  "Cannot open "CloudObjectLoader`"."

(kernel 4) Get::noopen :  "Cannot open "CloudObjectLoader`"."

Out[26]= {253.181, Null}

Should I worry?
On my lesser machine with Mathematica 11.0.1 it took 227 seconds to execute it, on my big machine with Mathematica 11.2 it took 253 seconds. Should I worry more?

Thanks ahead, János

POSTED BY: Janos Lobb
3 months ago

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