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Expose DocuTools outside of Workbench


If you use Workbench you know you can use it to build documentation via a system called DocuTools. This is basically just a paclet that gets mirrored down into Eclipse with Workbench along with a bunch of other junk.

The system's a little bit overkill for casual users like myself, but I use the Transmogrify and DocumentationBuild paclets after extracting them from Workbench.

In general, I find Workbench clunky and not as natural to my Workflow as just customizing Mathematica, so it'd be wonderful if they could be exposed on Wolfram's paclet server. I look forward to the day when PacletFindRemote["Transmogrify"] finally works.

This is also like a 2-second update to push.

If for reasons unknown they can't be pushed to the paclet server, hopefully they'll end up on the Paclet Repository that was promised at this years WTC and which can literally not come soon enough.

POSTED BY: b3m2a1 ​ 
4 months ago

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