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Avoid geometric plot issue?


My first introdcution in mathematica resulted in following plot

Plot3D[(((-0.0023*x^2+0.525*x+1 )^2)*((1-(((z)^2)/((12-((0.0006*(180-x)^2-0.1118*(180-x)+1)) )^2)))^0.5)),{x,0,180},{z,0,16},AspectRatio ->Automatic]

however the result gives me Plot issue. attached the out[] file

Looking for advice on how to solve these mesh issues at different small spots indicated in white. What did i overlooked from math point of view ?


POSTED BY: Hugo Bruers
3 months ago

You can improve the mesh for example with MaxRecursion->5 or PlotPoints->100.

POSTED BY: Gianluca Gorni
3 months ago

I can't follow this complaint. what is the complaint?

What is wrong with the "live rotating" plot you see or the mesh?

(You mentioned white spots, but that's meaningless to a reader who isn't (the original poster him/her self. I can't see how anyone can answer the question, so I'm wondering what I'm missing)

POSTED BY: John Hendrickson
3 months ago

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